Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Gloves Are Off - Joshua Hates Amanda

As I am watching the feeds and trying to see how people feel about others in the house, I discovered a lot just now about Joshua.

He hates Amanda. A Lot.

He can be really catty.

He is stupid.

While complaining about Amanda to Allison, here is a little of what Joshua had to say.... He can't even believe Minnesota (where Amanda is from) is a state. He called her 'the devil' but said she was too poor to be 'the devil wore Prada' she would be 'the devil wore Old Navy.' But wait, that wasn't enough, he then went on to say that if he was her father he would have killed himself too (Amanda's father apparently committed suicide) and he pretended to hang by a noose while Allison laughed loudly (see picture).

I imagine the production staff is busy editing away for a segment to air later this season.

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Scott said...

As a resident of South Dakota (a neighboring state of Minnesota for those of you who know nothing about the Midwest), I'm completely offended by Joshua's remarks. :D

IndyMike said...


As a resident of Indiana - another middle state that probably does not exist in Joshua's mind, I am offended as well.

If you didn't see it - watching Joshua hold a fake noose to his neck and jump off the hide-a-bed imitating Amanda's dead father - it wasn't the most flattering moment for Joshua.

Scott said...

It's too bad...he's seemed pretty level-headed so far.

IndyMike said...

I didn't see that side of him until just now. But he sounded really catty when he was going off on Amanda to Allison.


bbfanto said...

Joking about suicide when someones father did, pretty tasteless. Josh will be good for one liners but this comedy routine was a little much.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more a case of Amanda pushing him beyond sanity. Joshua is a level-headed person but I think being around Amanda's over the top behaviour and constant chatter with that voice.....ugh. And who told her she was pretty. She has a good body but nothing beyond that.