Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok, I Was Wrong About Parker, Jen, and Ryan

It's funny how quickly opinions can change. At the conclusion of last night's show I was convinced the Parker and Jen were calm, fun-loving people that could be the favorites to win the whole damn thing. The only roadblock I saw was Ryan, who seemed to be a typical jealous roid-head.

Three hours later, everything had changed. The feeds opened to Parker and Jen screaming at each other, and for the most part Ryan was the calm one. I now see Jen as the spoiled princess who is a wonderful person to be around as long as she's getting her way. I thought I heard another person claim that she had been telling everybody that it was her game to lose...but who knows in the clusterfuck of voices that made it next to impossible to pinpoint exactly who was talking.

Parker knows he's fucked, but he did everything he could to be the center of attention. He's as pigheaded as Jen.

Throughout all of this Ryan did little but lay around on the couch. The one time I saw him venture outside he threw out a couple of one-liners to Parker, who then used it as a "he threatened me" charade. Ryan's only sin was using one of my least favorite cliches when he warned everybody that Parker better not "disrespect my girlfriend". Ugh. Save those sorts of lines for Tyra.

Why did Jen tell anybody about her relationship with Ryan? That seems like the dumbest move I've seen in recent years. Letting this news slip out did nothing but guarantee that both couples will see early exits. To be fair, though, it sounds like she had no idea that Ryan was also coming into the house. In fact, Matt (who I know I'm going to hate this entire season) was heard bitching about how unfair it is that Ryan didn't have to go through the casting process.

Besides their silly drama (which was sort of cleared up before the Showtime broadcast ended), the highlight of the night was the drunk bimbos. Allison is one of those sloppy drunk whores who can't form a coherent sentence after a couple of drinks, while Amanda is one of those girls who when drinking thinks she can solve everybody's problems but ends up making things worse. It was also funny to hear the Jesus freak (Natalie) talk about her blowjob skills.

BTW, despite what Barb said earlier today on Paltalk, I was the first to proclaim Chelsia as the girl most worth hanging out with. I stand by those least for a couple more hours.

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