Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Than Potty Talk In The Can.

The Big Brother 9 cherry is busted. In two ways.

Earlier on in the day before he left, Neil exchanged a kiss with Joshua in the kitchen. Alas now he is out and Sharon is in.

Then early this morning, 2:30am in "BB" time, Ryan and Jen, who had been cuddling all evening long, apparently couldn't handle the sexual tension anymore so they snuck off into the Bathroom and did something that involved moaning and groaning.

Although we couldn't see anything on camera, things were heard, and Parker was aware that they were up to something.

It seems like they assumed that the people on the feeds would not see anything, however I am sure it was taped and my guess is CBS will show some part of it - perhaps blurred out - on Sunday or Tuesday's show.

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Scott said...

Found on another site:

Wed 7:33 PM BBT Jen and Ryan are in the bathroom...
Jen says she needs to push her tampon back in, but the camera is watching. Ryan asks if he can do it. He does. He then smells his fingers.