Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Pairings Are Set (Maybe)

Hot off the presses, these are reportedly the pairings:

BB9 Couple #1 Joshuah and Neil

BB9 Couple #2 Sheila and James

BB9 Couple #3 Jen and Ryan (so the existing couple does get to stay together!)

BB9 Couple #4 Matt and Chelsia

BB9 Couple #5 Alex and Amanda

BB9 Couple #6 Natalie and Jacob

BB9 Couple #7 Parker and Sharon

BB9 Couple #8 Adam and Allison

Note that the other castmates who are rumored to have been dating in the past (Jacob and Sharon) are not paired off. Also, the 21 year-old punk rock bicyclist who loves the Clash nabbed the former Penthouse Pet. Interesting!

Please don't let this be another silly twist where the existing couple must keep their real-life relationship a secret from the other competitors.

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BBFANTO said...

Josh and Neil seem obvious. Sheila may like younger men but I don't think James would be her style. Chelsia better watch out with Matt, he seems to be a player with the ladies. I hope Jacob can handle Natalie, she seems out there. Parker and Sharon make sense. Adam, Alex, Amanda and Allison all seem like they could be mixed and matched.

Scott said...

I get the feeling that Sheila and James were the Big Brother version of the last people picked for the gym class teams. Neither really match with anybody but they had to go with somebody.

indymike said...

James and Shelia? Why am I thinking she wouldn't be into a "Homeless" guy that looks like he should be hanging out with Sid and Nancy? If true then this hole 'soul mate' thing is a crock.

matt said...

I'm holding out hope that Jen and Ryan aren't really paired. Putting them opposite of each other would be far more interesting.

IndyMike said...

That was my hope as well Matt. If we HAVE to watch a couples thing, I'd rather watch a couples thing with some cattyness thrown in.