Sunday, February 24, 2008

POV Results and Bikinis all around!

The POV ceremony is over and to no one's surprise Joshua and Sharon didn't change the nominations.

Hard to say yet for sure who is leaving on Wednesday - the only locked in vote for either couple seems to be Adam telling people he is voting to evict Alex and Amanda.

Sharon and Joshua MIGHT be working to keep Alex and Amanda but I can't be positive - I have no clue at the moment on Allison and Ryan - I am sure things will become a bit more clear in the next couple of days.

Bikini's until 3am Eastern - enjoy!!

Oh yeah - and the TV show tonight where it looks like they will reveal the sex stuff between Natalie and Matt.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how when Joshuah made the comment about Amanda's dad she got so upset, but just not he make a joke about Sheila's son and she laughs with him about it.

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