Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Predictions On Tonight's Telecast

As Indymike noted in an earlier post, the producers of Big Brother have quite a task tonight to edit down four of the most dramatic days in Big Brother history into a nice, neat 48-minute episode.

Besides the P.O.V. competition and ceremony, which has to be aired, there were almost daily fights, sexual acts that will pose problems with the censors, and the Neil/Sharon situation.

Some incidents will clearly be sacrificed, and we all know the producers have no problem with messing with continuity. I’ve come up with a timeline on what I think we’ll see tonight.

Opening: The same five minute recap we see at the beginning of every episode, culminating with the nominations seen on Sunday.

First Segment: Reactions to the nominations, particularly diary room rants by Jen on how unfair it is and how Allison better be the one evicted.

Second Segment: Valentines Day/Horndog Activities. Here’s where I see the producers taking timeline liberties. Obviously, we’ll see Jen and Ryan heading into the bathroom, and very cautiously edited footage of Natalie and Matt. I think there will also be footage of Amanda cuddling with Alex, along with her flirting with Parker. James will have diary room chatter about how the hotness of Chelsia, and we’ll possibly even see footage of Sheila serving Adam breakfast in bed. Somebody, probably Sheila, will have a voiceover about how horniness of the entire house. The segment will probably end with Neil and Joshuah from the previous day, which will lead to…

Third Segment: Neil’s teary departure, and Sharon’s return. We’ll probably get some answers as to why he had to leave, and obviously we’ll see Joshuah bawling. Sharon will enter the house, and we’ll see the fireworks as she vows to get revenge.

Fourth Segment: The P.O.V. competition. Obviously, we don’t know what sort of contest this was, but I’m sure the producers would love to edit this down as much as possible in order to show more of the hookups and fights.

Fifth Segment: Reaction to the P.O.V., including any chatter that may lead us to believe it may be used.

Sixth Segment (if time allows): Light entertainment – some of the more peaceful actions in the house, probably culminating in the hottub bubblebath.

Seventh Segment: P.O.V. ceremony.

End of Show.

I’ll bet the opening segment of tomorrow’s show will be all about the Amanda/Chelsia/Joshuah fight, focusing mainly on the “noose” comment.

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bbfanto said...

That sounds about right. Yesterday was quiet and today might be also so the Chel/Josh/Amanda thing will fit perfectly into the first segment of Wednesday's show plus whatever strategic positioning has gone on Monday and today. Very curious to see how they play out the Nat/Matt thing cause I am not sure how I could edit that, lol. Would they skip it completly?

Scott said...

Well, they could show them cuddling, and allude that other stuff happened without really showing it. They just have to use his smiling at the cam.