Monday, March 3, 2008

Aliison's Desperate Attempts At Creating Tension

As I predicted earlier, it didn't take long for Allison to attempt to create dissension. First off, she's convinced that Joshuah is infatuated with her every move. When she finished her workout and went inside, Josh also came in to check the time. That was "proof" he had to see what she was up to. This opinion was duplicated every time he made any move - even if he didn't come anywhere near her.

Finally, she confronted him - "do you wanna talk, or do you wanna just hate each other for the rest of our lives?"
Joshuah: I don't hate you. I don't anything you...I'm just ready for you to be gone. Good luck getting a vote.
Allison: I just don't understand why you're angry with me.
Joshuah: Was that not what you came up with? Was that not your master plan from the beginning?
Allison: You were the one who said you wanted Matt and Natalie out first.
Josh: No, you were the one who came up with the whole plan to get Matt and Natalie out. Then you went on this crazy power trip.

This goes on for several minutes as she tries to bait him. Surprisingly, he keeps his cool, besides this great sequence - "It's just your continual manipulation of everyone in the house. I'm actually hoping it goes one-one, so I have the pleasure of voting you out myself."
Allison: All I'm gonna say is, I don't understand why you're so hateful to me, when I've done nothing to you.
Josh: The whole thing is just funny, and you will be portrayed as the psycho-bitch on tv. I can't wait for you to see how badly I've ripped on you in the DR. And how embarrassing for your family.
Allison: I think you're in for a very rude awakening.
Josh: You have fun in sequester where everyone's gonna rip your ass. Cuz they all hate you. They were just being polite to your face while you were in go make out with some people for votes.

Similar attempts at garnering support are directed at Matt, Sheila, and Natalie. Nobody's really biting. At one point, she claims to Sheila that America will somehow keep her on the show because they'll see what a good person she is. Yeah, the three "Allison is psychotic" episodes will do a lot of good for your public image. :)

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Ashley said...

i love me some joshie.

Scott said...

Too bad he'd never love you.

Tony said...

Allison's game play this week will go down as bad as Kayser's choice to take his finger off the button after getting back into the house

Ashley said...

joshie would love me. i'm a fashion designer. gays eat that shit up. you saw him yell at allison's choice of clothes!

Scott said...

I like you better than Sharon.