Sunday, March 9, 2008

Drama Over Easy

Who doesn't like drama with their morning coffee?

The houseguests were informed that the POV will take place very soon. And that all the clocks have been set forward.

Joshuah still believes that Matt is being put up, as Scott already said. He's now telling Sheila that he told Adam about the plan, and if Adam didn't follow the plan he would be put up next week. Sheila told Joshuah that Adam will follow the majority.

We may hate Sheila, but she's doing a good job at getting info from both sides. Joshuah believes that Sheila wants to be in their group, and has no trouble telling her their plan.

Matt and Adam are outside laughing at Jamesia/Joshuron because "they have no idea what's coming." Matt can't wait for them to see his face when he isn't put up. To me, Adam seems a little scared for his position in the house after his conversation with Joshuah. We'll see how this works out over the next few days.

Matt just went into the house, and Joshuah came out with Ryan. Ryan is "happy" Adam is on board with Joshuah's plan of evicting Matt. Matt's a liar and will constantly win POV, but never HOH. Joshuah is acting so cocky right now, and Adam and Ryan are acting pretty disinterested in what he has to say. Joshuah went inside, and now Ryan and Adam laughed and know they're keeping the plan they've discussed. This is good news for, as Joshuah will tell Chelsia to use the POV on herself and not to keep herself on the block because Ryan is putting Matt up and the votes will go 5-1, the 1 being Natalie who will vote to evict Sharon.

Unfortunately I missed all of yesterday because of the storm in the Northeast. It knocked my power out when I was going to turn on the feeds. Today seems promising for a lot of entertainment. The storm is over, so bring on the drama!

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Scott said...

Brilliant summary, Ash.

Rich said...

I'm interested to see if the "Bros" or whatever they're called will continue to play this right. If they are smart, they will have Shelia vote for Sharon, so that it seems that she is still wwith them. Then Ryan will be the tie-breaker and evict James, while Chel/Shar/Josh think that they still have Shelia.