Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Practice For HoH Usually Means Endurance

Things are shaping up for something special tonight. The HGs have been on an inside lock down all day with no 'walkthrough' for the show. In the past when this has gone on it has meant an endurance HoH competition. Things might be different this time because there is the couples thing going on.

Inside the house right now Ryan says that the remaining HGs WILL be getting split up - however I think it is just him speculating.

Allison has revealed a lot of her info to Ryan today - for example she told him she was a professional gambler.

OHHHHH New Trivia on the live feeds screen saver it looks like as well (It just popped on).

Update: The feeds went to trvia around 7:15pm It is 'all new' trivia - which is a nice change - but whomever put it together has some of the 'slides' out of order. I just saw 4 answers in a row with no questions in between - and I know I saw two questions in a row without an answer earlier.

Fear not - I am recording the screen just like I did with the other one and I will post it in youtube format later tonight if I have time.

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Sydney said...

What prompted her telling him all of this about herself at the 11th hour?

IndyMike said...

I think she wanted to prove to Ryan that she wasn't dumb and by telling him about her gambling she could show him how smart she was, she also was revealing some of her ideas on the 'puzzle' they all think is in the house.