Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Scott sent me a text telling me to turn on the feeds, man what a change!!!!

Sharon thinks she was a pawn this whole time and no one wanted her out. Lie, but let's sidestep that. Joshuah and James are scheming, and both have had secret sessions with Ryan, trying to rekindle their deal in case of a tie.

Natalie and Thing1 are Pro-James now, and Anti-Sharon. They just hugged James and said they both wanted Sharon out. James reassured them that Joshuah and Chelsia will also vote to evict Sharon. Natalie and James are going to use the pickle juice incident still to make Matt think that she's still going to evict James. I never thought I'd see the day that Natalie would vote against Matt, but here it is. James is making a deal to keep Thing1 and Natalie in the house longer as long has he has their votes. Nat and Thing1 will give them their votes, as long as another outburst like after the POV meeting doesn't happen again. James said he can keep them both in check because he can handle them. They just gave their word, and said they will continue to act like James is going home.

To everyone in the house, Sharon is acting as if there is no way she can be evicted. Well, James keeps saying he's going home so obviously that means she's staying.

Oh, the drama.

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IndyMike said...

Thing1 - LOL

And btw - I IM'd Scott - that is why he PM's you - its just like the BB house - I tell one person and they run to another!!

Ashley said...

Chelsia, james, and Joshuah are talking right now and James said that Sheila said to stop attacking Matt, meaning don't put him up on the block. I don't think she meant that, she just meant stop attacking him now, he's still gonna be here for at least one more week and has two competitions ahead of him to keep him in the house.

Sydney said...

Thanks to Scott for that and to Ashley for the post. I am amazed that James got this break. I can't believe Nat has any power but Shelia probably doesn't want to pay any concequences for being the one to leak Sharon's little secret to Nat in the first place. And in getting Ryan to switch sides, it probably doesn't matter to her which of J/c or S/J goes this week.

Scott said...

Isn't it amazing that what is probably the worst cast ever is creating the most watchable broadcast? CBS has barely had time for the cheesy stuff they love to show because there's so much storyline that needs to be included.

bbfanto said...

Wow, Shelia is the mastermind behind the big flip in the house to back door James. Now she unknowingly has flipped the house again by being a s**t disturber and telling Nat about Matt/Sharon kissing. Shelia is playing some dangerous games her for a so called floater. I love it! But there is still a lot of time until tomorrow.