Monday, March 24, 2008

Wednesday's HOH Quiz Could Lead To Interesting Aftermath

While it's commonplace for Big Brother contestants to wonder what America thinks about each of them, I think this season's cast is easily the most obsessed. Many of them think they're going to walk out of the season finale as stars; others have a bit more realistic view of what lies ahead for them.

This Wednesday, the house guests will see the first real indicators of America's opinion when the HOH competition involves the results of a poll. Well, it's true they sort of got a glimpse with the "Mystery Guest" fiasco, but even two weeks later they don't understand why America wanted Alex back in the house.

I think the aftermath of this competition will be very interesting. I doubt if the guys really care, as they seem pretty level-headed, as does Sharon. It's the other two I'm worred about. Will Sheila and Natalie's heads explode if by chance it appears that America does love them? Or conversely, how shattered will they be if they don't come out of this looking so good?

Here are the questions from the poll:

1. Which candidate’s word would you trust the most?

2. Which candidate would most likely forget the words to the Pledge of Allegiance?

3. Which candidate would you most want leading you into battle?

4. Which candidate would most likely name a holiday after themselves?

5. Which candidate would spend the most time in front of the mirror before a press conference?

6. Which candidate would most likely re-carve Mount Rushmore to include only their face?

7. Which candidate could best talk their way out of a scandal?

8. Which candidate would give the most inspiring speech?

9. Which candidate would be in most need of a makeover?

10. Which candidate would you be most embarrassed to take to a fund raiser?

11. Which candidate would most likely win an election based on their looks?

12. Which candidate would most likely lock themselves out of the White House?

13. Which candidate would most likely stop their motorcade to let a squirrel cross the road?

14. Which candidate would most likely give their Big Brother winnings to a charity?

15. Which candidate would most likely sell their life story to a tabloid?

16. Which candidate’s biography would be the most interesting to read?

17. Which candidate’s sense of humor would most likely win you over?

18. Which candidate is most likely to have their constant gossiping get them into trouble?

19. Which candidate would most likely grace the cover of a fashion magazine?

20. Which candidate would most likely be impeached due to a scandal?


bbfanto said...

Scott, so glad you posted this because as I answered the questions I was thinking the exact same thing. I had trouble actually picking a houseguest for some of the questions. I think Natalie & Shelia will not be shown in a positive light because live feed viewers more or less don't see them in a positive light. I think also people will be surprised that James & Josh likely will be shown to be viewer favourites. I hope the feeds come back quickly Wednesday night because I am sure they will be talking about the answers to the poll and I want to hear every minute of their reactions.

Anonymous said...

Dumb, gossip, in need of a make-over = Shiela/Natalie

Natalie will literally RUN AWAY with the question about which one would lock themselves out of the white house. You can tell which answers are geared towards which HGs.

ps. all 4 feeds on Natalie speed-talking with the She-bot. I' rather finish writing a paper right now.

bbfanto said...

"14. Which candidate would most likely give their Big Brother winnings to a charity?" That was the toughest question to answer, they are all really hungry for the money and I couldn't see any of them giving the whole prize away to charity.

"13. Which candidate would most likely stop their motorcade to let a squirrel cross the road?" The answer to that has to be Sharon based on her love of the BEEBEE's

Ashley said...

i chose sharon for the squirrel question too!

any question that asked about someone thinking very highly of themself i voted for joshuah. he really does love himself.

i think adam would also give his winnings to charity, or to sheila because "she deserves it."


Scott said...

I can just see a question or two that Natalie thinks completely describes her going to somebody from the "evil" side and her completely flipping out.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the dumbest questions ever... This is how CBS gets America involved again after the mystery guest bullshit?

Anonymous said...

I don't think many people are going to go for this shit, it has no real impact on anything in the house.