Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Winners/Losers of the Twist

Obviously, splitting up the couples has drastically changed the game. Weak players may have gained some power, while supposedly strong people have reason to worry.

Here's who I think comes out as the winners and losers of the split:


1. Matt. Nobody wins more than the so-called America's Pimp. He no longer has any duty to Natalie (look for her meltdown soon), and the probability of Alex's return will solidify his place as a contender. Only the double-deals he made earlier this week could harm him.

2. Ryan. He's had two dead weights from day one, and they're both gone. Finally, he can step up and play the game...which he did tonight by winning HOH. If he plays his cards right and goes after strong players such as Matt and Sharon, he also could become a force to reckon with.

3. Sharon. Sharon has yet to really interact with anybody other than Joshuah. With this split she can continue to work with him while also aligning herself with Chelsia. I think she also has the capability to play Matt into continuing to think she has a thing for him.

4. Chelsia. She's in a similar place as Sharon. She can carry on her partnership with James, play with Matt's emotions, and finally become one of the girls.

5. Adam. He still has little chance of accomplishing much in the house, but he finally has an opportunity. His demeanor should immediately improve as he doesn't have to worry about his every move being criticized by Sheila, and he proved in the HOH that he's not nearly as simple as he was earlier portrayed.


1. Natalie.
It's going to be hell for Natalie for the remainder of her time in the house...which I don't think will be long. It may not be this week, but sometime in the next couple of weeks she's going to be evicted. So far, Matt has been encouraging in his demeanor towards her, but there's no doubt he's going to cut his ties to her real soon. Outside of Sheila, the worst player in the house, she now has no allies. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

2. Joshuah. He may be a strong player, but he burned quite a few bridges during his reign as HOH. He's almost as emotional as Allison, and I don't think he'll handle a nomination very well. Sharon may be a source of comfort for him, but I think she'll distance herself if she feels he's hurting her game.

3. James. Chelsia worked with him well, but will she continue to work with him now that she doesn't have to? He's now in Matt's sights, and probably will be in Alex's if he returns. If Natalie pulls through this week and somehow miraculously becomes the next HOH, he's the person she'll be after.

4. Sheila. The worst player in the game just got weaker. Despite her constant drama with Allison, she really was her only true ally. Adam will clearly wash his hands of her, leaving Natalie the only person she has to listen to her bizarre theories and Bible verses.

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Ashley said...

out of all the houseguests, joshuah and i would have the most fun gossiping. he mentioned on one show that he missed his britney spears gossip. that made me love him. but he totally doesn't stand a chance now. he spent too much time bitching about allison, and now it's biting him in the ass.

Tony said...

matt made a comment to a-baller already about wanting to work with james...something to the extent of it's about the boys now. it is matt so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

bbfanto said...

I wonder if Ryan will step back and think about what will be best for him or is he going to be a puppet to Matt. I suspect the later.

Ashley said...

joshuah's been acting all sour since ryan won HOH.

Sydney said...

excellent assessment.

Too bad Josh blew it for himself being pissy.

Pablo said...

Ryan should do this:

1) Put Matt and Chelsia on the block next week. The majority like Chelsia and the majority want to boot Matt so I think that this would get rid of Matt before Alex comes back.

Align himself with James and Adam because I think Josh will be out the 2nd week (if it wasn't for Alex coming back, I'd say put him up this week). If he aligns himself with James/Adam then he has Chelsia too and James and Chels are the 2 strongest I think after Matt is gone. He better pray that Matt doesn't win POV...

But who knows.. I could be completely wrong.

Michael said...

Let Please put back in the house Allison, I just want to see Joshuah's face when she goes back in the House. Plus no one is going to go back in the house with more of a grudge then Allison. You put back alex might as well give the game to Matt.

Anonymous said...

I believe Amanda will be back because her name has not been in the info on my tv for 2 weeks by next week info has her name in it so is it really up to america