Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brother - Season 9 Finale Recap!

The moment is finally here – the last hour of season nine of Big Brother. Who will get the prize - frat boy Ryan and his droopy shorts, or “A-Balla”-scratcher Adam?

Personally, I don’t really care who wins tonight. I’m more interested in the evicted houseguests. Will Natalie talk in her pre-kindergarten diary room voice? How many mentions will we get that Sheila is a single mom? Most importantly, how sexy will my girl Chelsia look tonight?

We begin with Julie Chen in her trademark pose – left leg just in front of her right, holding cue cards but reading from a prompter. The only difference is there is an audience tonight, including one fool in the back with some sort of handwritten card attached to his head. Oh God, she’s high-fiving people.

Oh boy, we still get a recap, but now it’s of the whole show. But at least I get to see Chelsia walk in wearing a hot little black dress. Seriously, though, aren’t there other things they could use to fill these five minutes? Although I do like reliving the look on Allison’s face as she realizes the alarm wasn’t going to save her.

Oh boy, we get to vote for somebody tonight – favorite juror! God, please don’t let it be Sheila or Natalie. But first…we get to see Sheila’s entrance into the jury house. Instead of being in the house, though, the six have to come sit outside and babble nonsense while they wait.

Natalie hopes the last juror is Ryan. Josh doesn’t agree, but Natalie is still pissed at Ryan. Josh, though counters, that Adam always went with the majority, and “at least Ryan had a backbone”.

Ultimately, Natalie thinks it will be Sheila that they will be seeing, so Matt asks what if she’s the one who won HOH. Josh says she “cannot even get herself out of a wet paper bag”. At that very moment, Sheila walks in. After hugging everybody, Sheila tells them that Adam did “what he usually does” and screwed her over. What? Oh, according to her, the fact that Adam didn’t win the final HOH competition means he gave it up. Hmmmm. That was a pure guessing game.

It gets better – Sheila claims that Adam knew if he’d go to the final two with her that she’d get all the votes. The other six sit quietly after that remark. What a shock, though. Sheila wants Ryan to get all the money simply because Adam didn’t win. Well, bitch, why didn’t you step up and win a competition? Oh yeah, you’re scared of water because you once almost drowned, and moving things also frighten you.

They move on to how they’re going to vote. Sheila claims she’s in a “moral dilemma” with both of them, while Matt says he’s going to look at who was the most competitive, including “who outsmarted people the most”. Well, with this crew that wasn’t so tough to accomplish. Josh also says that he’s leaning towards Ryan because of the competition wins. Sheila claims that Adam could have won every competition but threw most of them. This goes back and forth for quite some time, but what’s shocking to me is that they’re making it look like we’re all wrong and that Ryan is going to win!

After commercials, we jump into the jury questions. Matt begins with the dreaded question about what he’s going to do with his money. Adam says a hundred grand will go to after-school programs, another “hundred G’s” will go to starting a business, and he babbles about cars and the like. Ryan, though, is a bit taken aback. He’s going to help his mom, and also do “something nice for Jen” (which causes a nice reaction from Chelsia), and he’ll “look” at putting some money to a charity. They all sort of chuckle at this response. “That was the worst answer ever”, says Joshuah.

Sharon brings out “Hoops” (well, not really) and asks why Ryan fed her a bunch of lies about carrying her to the end. She brings up the “look” he gave to Adam. Ryan claims he didn’t want her out of the house, and the he “fought for you all week”. He claims that the decision to keep Sheila was all Adam’s doing. “I wasn’t 100% sure what he was going to do.” Um, that’s quite a lie, Ryan.

My girl Chelsia asks why she should give Ryan the money when he’s going to propose to a person who called him out on national television as a racist. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but she sure is cute when she’s angry. Oh boy, Ryan’s answer is “I am not a racist. You can ask any of my ‘boyz’ back home.” He still loves the girl to death, though, which Chelsia says was the “wrong answer”.

It’s now Joshuah’s turn, and he goes right at Adam with questions about Throwing competitions, and making Ryan do his dirty work. He admits that he threw the first competition to Ryan, but the last one was “mano to mano”. “I gave my best shot, and lost fairly to Ryan.” He gets a little heated when he goes on about how this game is “not just about competitions”. Josh then lectures him about yelling at a tv screen. Oh boy.

We move on to James, who congratulates them both and says he supports that they had to do whatever it takes to get to where they’re at. He asks Adam why he should get the money over Ryan, and why he should be in the final two over Sheila. “I got dealt a bum deal from when I walked in this door, and I turned that negativity into positivity…I overcame adversity, and took bad things and make them positive for myself.” He goes on to say that him and Sheila had a “50/50” shot at the end, and that he did a lot to bring her as far as she did.

Oh God, it’s time for “Chatty”. “I was supposed to be there with you, you suckers!” Ugh. Josh sneers, and corrects her that at this point there’s only two player left. She asks Adam if it’s true that he was working to get rid of her. He places the blame on the HOH of that week, Sheila, who as usual scowls. “I wasn’t plotting against you, Natalie. They were forcibly plotting you against us.” Sheila complains that he’s throwing her under the bus.

Natalie says he’s “partially telling the truth”, and moves on to Ryan’s part in her eviction. She bitches about how Ryan’s promise to take her to the final two, and since he was the vote that made it a tie why should she vote for him to get the money? “When I said that, Natalie, I did mean that…that was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.” Not a great answer, Ryan.

We conclude with Sheila, and she goes right after Adam. “I want to know why you lied to my face, right to my eyes, and said you were taking me to the end of this game.” Wait, Sheila, earlier you said Adam never looked people in the eye. She goes on about how SHE carried him “a long way”. He says that he was working with others to help her to get the final three, and that she had a fair shot to make it to the final two.

We end with final speeches, and Ryan admits that at times he didn’t always tell the truth. He goes on and on, but for the most part it’s as awful as a Sharon speech. Adam talks about how the decision is based on gameplay, personal relationships, and what they’re going to do with the money. He claims to have come out with something from everybody, which causes another of Josh’s great looks. Um, neither of these guys did very well. Josh complains about Adam’s attitude, which, obviously, Sheila agrees. They all pretty much say that they’re not sure how they’re going to vote…which creates more fake drama for what’s coming up later.

As noted on this site, Ryan and Adam were both pissed at almost everybody in the jury. Adam rants about how James and Chelsia were cool, and that Josh, Sheila, and Sharon were “psychopaths’.

It’s now time for the jury to come in, and boy my girl Chelsia looks hot in her black minidress! Why did they put her in the back so I can’t look at her legs?

After commercials, we go to the two boys in the house. Julie asks Adam how he felt about the jury questions, and he says it was “rough”. Ryan says it was “nervewracking”. After these great answers, we go right to the voting.

Matt goes first, and before voting he says he misses them both, and that they did a great job. “One of you two is taking me to Vegas”. Natalie goes next, and says she still loves them but is voting her “gut instinct”. Josh is warned that he only gets one statement, and he says he’s voting for the best competitor. Sharon says she based her decision on “who was the most loyal in the game”.

Sheila says that after the “roundtable, this is a very easy decision to make” and babbles about honesty and loyalty and trust. James says he hopes they “party away this money”. Good boy! Mmm, Chelsia ends the voting by saying she hopes they “hold your end of the deal”. I don’t know what that means, but damn!

Before we see the votes, though, the first six evicted contestants return to tell the jury what they may have missed. Julie begins by “calling out” Natalie. Oooh, could this be about the late-night escapades? No, it’s about playing both sides. She admits that this was the case, but her loyalty was to the boys. Uh oh, are they going to show it? Matt thinks so, but doesn’t want to say anything. Natalie claims that “karma” is the reason she’s out. Wait, they didn’t talk about it!

Julie turns to Jen, and the uncomfortable position she supposedly had in the house of seeing her boyfriend paired up with another woman. Jen says her feelings toward Allison have not changed after watching the show. “I don’t care for her. She thought she was a better match for my boyfriend than I was.” Allison says she has no hard feelings for Jen, and that they’re a good couple. Jen just shakes her head.

Ryan is then asked about Adam, and the footage of Adam whispering to Ryan is shown. Adam admits that he did it. “He knew! Come one.” Adam is then shown the footage of Josh crying on command. “Damn” is all he says. Everybody else laughs, and for some reason Julie announces the upcoming $25,000 jury prize.

It’s now time to count the votes. Matt’s vote goes to Adam, as does Natalie! Josh votes for Ryan, but Sharon goes for Adam. Sheila voted for Adam, who wins! He’s greeted at the door by a couple of buddies, and then the rest of the house. (It’s revealed later that both James and Chelsia also voted for Adam.)

When we return, Julie scolds Adam that he better do some good with that money. He immediately announces that $100,000 is going to the United Autism Foundation for after school programs. Before we go, though, Julie has to announce the winner of America’s Favorite Juror. Second place somehow went to Sheila (what?), but the winner is James!!! Wow, I bet Natalie is bummed about this!

Well, that’s it folks! It’s been fun. See you all in July!


Lil said...

Yayyyy for Adam.

I so wish there was a close-up on Sheila's face as she once again LOST. HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Now run along and get to reading blogs Sheila, and realize how many people have seen your nasty bush.

Ashley said...

chelsia looked terrible tonight! she should stop picking clothes that accentuate her hunchback.

and jen gained weight!! oh man! i was sad to see what happened to her. she's a great looking girl.

the best looking female of the night just might have been sheila! i didn't see amanda too much, so without her it was sheila.

other than that...i'm soooo gonna party with adam in philly kidsssss. i'll have to find him first.

Scott said...

Ash, you take that back! I loved that dress!

Tony said...

i'm happy with both winners tonight. a very not good season and just happy it is over. i hope BB10 is much better. i do think they should give BB more time like Survivor

ale said...

I'm going to have to agree about the dress, not a good cut for her. It probably should have been longer, and had some sort of strap..but that's just me. AND NATALIE?! That ugly blue top that she used as a dress not just in her promo pic/footage, but also on the show?! Ick.


the blaker said...

why did jacob run up and hug baller? he was the first person to greet him

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say: THANK GOD it's over.

Scott said...

Oh, that was Jacob? I thought it was one of his Philly buds.

I'd say his reasoning was to get some rare camera time, just like how Jen maneuvered her way to stand next to Julie at the end.

Sydney said...

I saw Jacob running to him too... I thought, maybe Adam was the only one he connected with in that short first week in the house?

But yeah Scott, it crossed my mind about camera time... ditto for Jen

Has anyone noticed how hard the word verification has gotten to read in the last few days? Torture!

BBFANTO said...

Hey Kids,

I think the jury questioning was done to misled you that Ryan had a chance. Sorry, Scott but Chel's looked like a wreck tonight (this from a guy who thought she was cute). Ashley I agree, Jenn looked real fat in the face, apparently she has been watch Ryan on the feeds so I guess she has been siting on her ass a lot stuffing her face. Ashley, if you party with the boy stay away from the crotch, what the hell is he itching all the time?

A 100K for the company that fired him!? I don't think so, after he pays taxes it more like 250K so he is going to give 40% to charity, if true he is a way better man than I.

There will be some memorable moments form early in this season but for me coming down the stretch was a disappoinment. Lets hope BB10 can be better.

Sydney, yeah what is up with the word verification on the blog, real hard to read!

IndyMike said...

Jacob may have run to Adam because Adam had talked to Sharon when it was down to the final four about Jacob - seems to me he said some really positive things about Jacob - and perhaps Jacob got word of it and was thanking Adam. Adam did tell Sharon he had Jacobs back and was really unhappy to see him go - chances are a lot when on that we never saw since Jacob was gone before the feeds began.

On anothe note...

Yeah blogger seems to REALLY be cracking down on 'spam' so that may be why the word verification is getting harder. My computer was blocked from viewing blogger tonight - I have to clear my cookies and re-boot becuase they thought my computer was a spam bot. ugghhHH!!!!

ale said...

Watching it again, it actually looked more in Adam's favor. Only Josh was adamant about bashing Adam, then he tells him off for yelling at the screen. Oook, who made you director?

Scott said...

Josh came off looking the worst out of all of them...with Sheila (not surprisingly) coming a close second. It will be interesting to hear the comments from the cast in the upcoming weeks, especially when they see that Sheila is completely delusional in thinking that Adam did nothing to help her.

I do have to agree with the comments that this was a rushed episode. This really needed to be a two hour show. There should have been more time talking to those evicted early, a segment based around the family and friends of the finalists, something on people in the audience like Dick and Dannielle, and a bit more material after awarding the prize to Adam. He was basically treated like a HOH winner.

I really was expecting the questions to Natalie to be about the late-night escapades. It seemed to head that way and then it was suddenly over without any real comment from either Matt or Natalie.

Sydney said...

In the last 3 days the word verification has become harder to read (every 2 out of 3 if not 3 out of 3) across all the blogspot comment areas I visit, so not just this site. IndyMike -- what a huge drag for you that you could not get on your own blog!

All great ideas Scott and spot on. I vote for you to be hired by CBS in Allison Grodner's place. PLEASE!

bish said...

Was it just me or could no one else hear the jury questions over the sound of Sheila tooting her own horn?

the blaker said...

I saw erika, skeletor, from BB all stars there as well.

Does chelsia know about James and his gay porn?

Scott said...

I guess she does now -

Scott said...

Scott said...

if you can't see the whole link, it ends with .html

the blaker said...

i see the reporter talking to james about it, but not in front of chelsia and her response. am i looking at the wrong video?

Did the reporter say that alex and shiela were hooking up?

Anonymous said...

Siked for Adam & James.

I thought Josh showed some more true colors last night - he is a whiney bitch - worse than even Sheila. I don't think Josh will have too many other TV offers, but I see James making it to Big Brother allstars.

~ Jodi

Janice said...

I hate to say it, (well, no I don't) but I thought your girl Chelsie acted on a par with Sheila last night. Those two, along with Josh, were the most bitter people I have seen in a long time. Also, what difference does it make to these people what Adam or anyone will do with the money. Why would you live in a house for and lose three months out of your life and give the money away. Ridiculous.

Scott said...

Janice, I agree with you but stating that would go against my gimmick! :)

And I've said all along that questions about how they're going to spend the money should have nothing to do with who wins the game.

bish said...

In one of those interviews Jen said that her and Ryan were the first people to ever have sex in the big brother house.
Didn't Amanda and David have sex in Big Brother 4?
I'm glad she got voted out so early, she is still SO high on herself it's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Not saying that Chelsia was probably the best looking girl on this cast, but she had a case of the Amber syndrome. Just like Amber last season, Chelsia must have done a lot of eating and drinking in the sequester house cause i'll be damned if she was as thick as she was Sunday night when she first went into the house. PS I wonder how things are now that James' skeletons have come out of his closet to Chelsia, Maybe he can star in his own movie called Broke Back Mountain-Bike!!!!!!