Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here Is How The Season Will Most Likely Finish Out.

Julie announced tonight that there would be an eviction next Tuesday and the final HoH would be crowned next Wednesday.

That falls in line with the season ending one week from Sunday.

Next Tuesday one HG will be voted out and part one of the final HoH will begin - unless it is a huge change up it will be an Endurance competition.

Wednesday during the morning - or right after part one will be part two between the two losers from part one.

Wednesday evening live will be part three and the final HoH will be crowned and will get to evict one of the other two.

Then on Thursday or Friday will be the jury questions and the final show on Sunday the 27th.

My money is on Ryan or Adam to win it all.

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ale said...

That definitely makes a lot of sense. I missed her saying Tuesday would be eviction day. Next week is going to be crazy crazy.

IndyMike said...

I used my tivo and made triple sure :)

bbfanto said...

It's going to be interesting on the feeds the next few days with an accelerated week plus the HG's thinking there is another relationship in the house.

Would that be a good time to push the two trial???? LOL

ale said...

The 3-part HoH will be great to see on the feeds. I was a feed virgin until this season began. Now I'm thinking what my favorite seasons would have been like if I'd creeped the feeds, sigh.

Scott said...

And this summer Ale will (hopefully) be sharing her thoughts with us!

columbus_dude said...

I recently found out that one my good friends is Ryan's first cousin. Small world.

IndyMike said...

Is your good friend Sheila?

Oh wait - we know they aren't related - it is just Sheila that thinks they are now after tonights HoH comp.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how rigged that HOH was. It was just so obvious. I have watched BB for 9 years, and tonight just plain disgusted me. That might be it for me.

ale said...

I think Ryan would stab himself with a butter knife if he he were ever related to Sheila. She's going to convince herself that they're related, and dwell on it for the rest of the time she's there. Who's going to suffer through all of this? Us.

Scott: I hope so! It's weird to think that another season is starting in a few months.