Sunday, April 6, 2008

James To Sheila - Save Me And Shock Natalie.

James is in the Sauna room with Adam and Sheila - he has proposed to Sheila that she and Ryan agree to vote out Sharon.

James says that he will be able to go after Natalie more than Sharon ever will and he talks about how Natalie has been acting like she has won this game already - Sheila appears to agree - saying she has noticed how Natalie has been saying she doesn't think Sheila should win.

Who knows if this little plan of James has a snowballs chance in hell. Adam seems completely open to it - he just keeps saying he can't say much because he is HoH.

I really really doubt that Ryan will go along with all of this - he has been working on Sharon and is tighter with Natalie than Adam and maybe even Sheila.

Makes for some interesting live feeds though!

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Tony said...

maybe if i start praying for this to happen it will. i'm a good person and god listens to me....vomit

IndyMike said...

Sharon just got up and Sheila told her she was safe - and that James was campaigning.

Ah well.

Scott said...

Again, why is it a bad thing when people try to survive?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to James for trying, even though it seems like a lost cause. If Sheila were smarter, she'd take him up on his offer and attempt to sway Ryan, know, she's not. He really was the best player in the house, and it's no wonder DR is pushing him along and telling him not to give up.