Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Initial Impressions

I know we've only seen an hour of footage, but I think we have a pretty clear insight as to everybody's personalities and potential downfalls. Here's how I see the future for each couple.

Alex/Amanda – I can see how the personality test paired these two. They’re both vapid, self-centered douches. Alex’s cockiness and/or Amanda’s unwillingness to break a nail will be their eventual downfall. I see them lasting four or five weeks.

James/Chelsia – She seems to be pretty fun-loving, and while James is a bit over-the-top they seem to be a good match. I doubt either will really make any waves, but neither are exactly brain surgeons. They could be the dark horses this season, but I see them leaving around the time it’s down to five or six couples.

Matt/Natalie – He’s a nothing who thinks he’s a studly mastermind; she’s an airhead whose tits and ass were constantly flopping around in tonight’s episode. The combination of him pissing everybody off and her stupidity will cause them to leave soon. They could even be a surprise ouster tomorrow night if Parker and Jen decide to keep Adam and Sheila.

Parker/Jen – I hate to give a TMZ employee any credit, but he’s easily the smartest guy in the house. Jen seems to be extremely likable and a “go with the flow” chick. The stress in her relationship with Ryan is going to be completely on his end. If Ryan doesn’t create waves, this could be the couple to beat.

Joshua/Neil – Joshua is pretty laid-back; from what we saw tonight I doubt if anything is going to rattle him. Neil may be a bit more flamboyant, but I think these two will work well together. Their only downfall may come from those that disagree with their lifestyle. Otherwise, they’re strong final three candidates.

Jacob/Sharon – It will be a miracle if the exes don’t deconstruct within a few days. He may have been the one that cheated in the real world, but she’s the one who is coming off as a complete bitch. Whatever he says is the start of an argument for her. If she’d lay off a bit, they could be real players in the game. They way they’re currently going, they won’t last more than a week or two.

Ryan/Allison – She’s just an average American girl; he’s more of a typical American meathead. They could be real players in the game except for one problem – he’s already shown how jealous he is of Jen being paired with another man. This will be an immediate problem, although I think they’ll last a few weeks.

Adam/Sheila – An unmitigated disaster…and I think it was planned all along. CBS wanted the notoriety of a former Penthouse Pet, albeit one whose good days ended over a decade ago. If that’s not the case, then I would bet Adam was a last-second replacement, or they were the two people left over after pairing everybody else. If they’re not gone tomorrow, they certainly will be next week as neither of them can seem to keep from expressing their problems to everybody else. It’s also clear they’re both disaster in any competition.

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BBFANTO said...

Alex and Amanda are a good pairing, but Amanda will drive me nuts.
Chelsia and James seemed like a wierd match to me right of the bat but by the end of the night I thought they seemed great together.
Matt will bug me too. If Natalie is a real bible thumper then she will drive Matt nuts too.
So HAPPY to see Jen and Ryan not together. Parker and Jen looked like a really good couple.
Josh and Neil may play well together but I just don't see them as "soul mates"
Sharon and Jacob being ex's was a surprise. If they get past their problems look out, they could be a power couple.
I agree Ryan's head is not right with Parker being with his girl. Poor Allison, did you see how much Ryan was sweating on her inthat compatition? YUCK!
Poor Adam, man I feel for him, thats gotta bruise the ego. They are no way a match, they may actually be complete opposites, is BB doing that on purpose? Shelia should have sucked it up and play as partners if not soul mates.

I'm excited to see more tomorrow night.

IndyMike said...

Nicely done Scott - I have to agree with most of what you wrote. Damn you - now whatever I write is going to look like I lifted it right off your post!