Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last chance for one couple to save themselves.

Amanda and Alex need to do some fast ass kissing to save themselves and I don't think it is going to happen.

Alex is trying this noble 'I'm not going to campaign' thing and he was their best shot to stay in the house cause Amanda won't be able to convince anyone on here own.

He has done a tiny bit of campaigning but Ryan feels that he and Allison have a better shot at winning if Alex and Amanda are gone. Mainly because they feel Matt is more loyal AND more controllable.

Today should be pretty quiet unless Alex gets busy or Natalie ticks off the house to where they want her out.

Did you see a preview for tonight's show? They will be showing the medical emergencies that went on Friday night. Did you miss it?

Here are a couple of Scott's Posts from that night:
Keep in mind - they were both back in the within three hours. It certainly was serious but I have a feeling they are going to really build the drama on tonight's show.

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ashley said...

allison really has no reason to keep amanda in the house. amanda put her up on the block once, so i don't think there's any kind of trust there.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss your wonderful ass, Amanda.

ashley said...

i bet anonymous was scott, not signed in.

IndyMike said...

lol Ash - most likely ;)

Scott said...

Nope! It was not! I always stand behind my words.

But I agree with the sentiments.