Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's the Smartest Move - Nat/Matt or Amanda/Alex?

Over the course of the last few days, we've seen the tides turn back and forth over these nominees. At first, it was going to be Amanda and Alex, and then it turned back to Natalie and Matt. After the events of today, it seems to back to Amanda and Alex.

Which is the smartest move? It would be pretty easy to say Matt and Natalie. They're both beyond annoying. Natalie can never shut her mouth (unless a body part of Matt's is inserted), but Matt babbles almost as much as she does. He's also always playing for the cameras like he really is auditioning for that daytime soap opera gig he once stated would be his dream job.

Yet the smartest move is to eliminate Alex and Amanda. Yes, they're easier to live with. Now that Amanda has toned down her gossiping, she's come off as just a sily, pleasant girl (with a perfect ass). Alex has also come a long ways in recent days. He seemed to be just an typical "himbo" in the early days, but he's now coming off as quite possibly the nicest person in the entire house. He doesn't spend his entire day conspiring and rehashing his theories. He just hangs out, and always seems to be pleasant with everybody. Last night, one of the least eventful nights in the house, it was Alex that came up with activities that kept a few people occupied.

One mistake that's constantly made on Big Brother, though, is voting out people based on the likeness factor. Too often, strong players have been kept around simply because others think of them as good people. I'm sorry, but Sheila's "it's better to keep the strong players around to carry you" theory is pure insanity. You have to make the move when you have an opportunity to get rid of somebody who is a real threat.

Of these two couples, Alex and Amanda are the biggest threats to win. Both are very athletic, and Alex is also quite possibly the smartest person in the house (and I don't think Amanda is as stupid as she acts). Matt and Natalie may be a physical threat, although I don't think Matt is nearly as athletic as he thinks he is, but they have no shot at winning any challenges that involves their brain or their knowledge of the house or other competitors. Their only win so far happened because Amanda threw a P.O.V. (or so she claims). The smart move is to keep them around for at least one more week.

Either way, I don't think it will make much difference as to who gets nominated next week. Both of these teams would clearly nominate James and Chelsia if they won HOH, and while the plans of the other couples is pretty unclear at this point (beyond some quiet chatter that could change at any time), I don't see any major changes based on who survives tomorrow night.

BTW, I find it hilarious that Natalie is begging Matt for some private time tonight just in case it's their last night together. She just cannot handle rejection.

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Anonymous said...

I'm lost or life is passing me by, one or the other.
How can any one who squirts breast milk across the room in front of a mil or so people be considered "annoying"? Not to mention taking clothing off at the drop of a hat and having one of the most perfect bodies I've seen for awhile. And who then do we focus on? The three chicks who have but one stick between then to ride. Think not, I want Nat.

Scott said...

I guess you're right; there's nothing better than stupid stripper tricks.

Anonymous said...

in terms of the game? I would say voting Matt/Natalie out is best. Because of this reason. Amanda is so dumb and causes drama enough that it takes the focus off of the other teams. People are so worried about the dumb things she is saying and doing rather than turning their attention to the people doing the voting. With her gone it shifts to Allison who most people hate, so its in her best interest to keep Amanda around.

For good TV reasons then its all about Natalie. Her body is ridiculous and shes always down for stripping and getting naked.

I personally want Alex and Amanda to stay because Alex is the funniest, smartest person in the house and he keeps it interesting to watch.