Sunday, March 30, 2008

Josh Wants A Penalty Nomination.

Joshuah is talking to Natalie - he tells her he has a new plan - he went in the Diary Room crying and he had a revelation - he says that if he eats regular food he will have a penalty nomination next week and will not be allowed to participate in the next HoH or PoV and he will be nominated next week (if he stays).

I am not 100% sure this will go down but his thought is that this will guarantee him another week and in the house and Sharon will go hom. Natalie is all for the plan - so sometime tonight he plans on faking a break down and eating a huge hamburger - Natalie will act surprised and then she will see he will have a pentalty nomination and will use it as an excuse to keep him in the house. He has left the book open to the page in the rule book for Natalie to find it easily.

Joshuah has only told Natalie about this plan - he hopes that the others will keep deciding to keep him. Kept Jameka in for a few weeks I suppose - but it will not win him the game.

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Anonymous said...

On BB8 when Jen ate, didn't she get a penalty vote rather than a penalty nomination? If so, Joshuah is in danger of absolutely ensuring his exit.

IndyMike said...

James went by the rule book.

You are right though - which was another time it was shown how BB revealed the manipulation by the producers - they were going to keep Jen after she did that so BB changed it and gave her an automatic vote.

Thanks for reminding me - can they not fix the book between seasons?

Anonymous said...

yes, she did get a penalty vote, I hope he re reads that before he does anything so stupid, although, as much as nat flops back and forth, who knows what that ditz is gonna do!

ale said...

Call me slow on this one, but isn't Josh always a target for nomination if he stays beyond this week? He clams up during competitions, so he's not likely to win HoH/PoV anyway. People will have to think about this when they're voting..and I don't think it will save him.

Scott said...

Since it's a planned violation, I just don't see how BB would allow him to manipulate the rules.

IndyMike said...

There has never been a penalty nomination in reality - EVER.

So chances are it won't happen again - thats why I could care less if Joshua tries it at this point.

ale said...

It's in the rule book, though. It would be pretty unfair for the HGs to act based on those rules, then have BB tell them otherwise. We know BB makes up the rules as they go along, but these are written.

Anonymous said...

He should actually say he did it, was called into diary room and told he would get a penalty nomination next week (without every actually eating anything but slop). Stupid houseguests might believe the lie and my Joshy will get to stay!!! :-D

....Nah, that'll never work!


PS - My brother just decided he's going to the cattle call audition for next season so wish him luck!!!!!