Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Perfect Example of "Editing"

On Sundays show we were treated to a segment on Natalie and her obsession with the number 8. The segment managed to tie in the upcoming arrival of Evel Dick on Tuesday's show (Taped on March 21st - which has no 8 in it).

The bit made Natalie seem almost like she had figured out some deep dark secret of the Big Brother House.

Allow me to clear things up a bit. Natalie had her obsession with the number 8 weeks ago. Most of the scenes shown of her counting were from March 4th - at that time the couples were still paired up and Ryan/Allison were on the block against Matt/Natalie. The next night Allsion ended up being evicted. Here is what I wrote on my other Big Brother site that night.

8:50pm Natalie is obsessed with the number eight - she thinks it is related to the game - that there are TONS of instances of eight items in the house. Things like eight vases, eight curtains. Right now she is staring at the deer head in the living room - perhaps it has eight points on its antlers. Natalie is coo coo.
So for anyone that feels like Natalie may have a gift for numbers, it was all just a case of creative editing if you ask me ;)


Anonymous said...

I'd be ok with it if it were a funny segment, but it was a lame segment, with that lame background music. I understand a compilation of Nat's theories, but not like that.

Oh, and the whole thing about James and Chelsia going on the block being Nat's idea. And she's in the diary room "Adam, what are you thinking?!" It made her seem so sensible, and aware. Major deviation from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Uh, the game started with 8 couples, thus all the 8's in the house. It really isn't too complicated, Naughty Nattie.

JayJ79 said...

I'd put money down that the producers probably fed her the Evel Dick thing. Heck, they probably even taped that DR segment after the fact (after the PoV comp., since it happened a few days ago)

Ashley said...

I wrote an entry here called "Divine Intervention." I took screen caps from her crying and praying after a fight with Matt! I knew exactly where it was from. Bastards

Anonymous said...

who cares if it was awhile ago. & BTW natalie & matt were not up against allison & ryan a FAY before allison left, sorry.

but dick did come on the 8th week if you notice.

give her a break, shes finding SOMETHING to do with her time besides sharons talking to the beebees, adams playing with himself, ryan sitting there like a mute, joshuahs... whatever, & james/chelsias flirting.

Ashley said...

all the houseguests have their annoying traits. i'm hoping she has to answer at least one question about the house so all the memorization doesn't go to waste, but i doubt it.

this entry had more to do with CBS' editing than natalie, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Editing also made Allison somewhat likable, Matt seem like much less of a pig than he really was, is currently making Sheila seem more sane than she really is.

Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree with you, but March 21st does have an 8 associated with it. If you up the numbers (3+2+1+2+0+0+8) you get 16 which divided by2 gives you 8. Go natalies.... :)