Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Wonders of Editing on Reality Shows.

A few thoughts on tonight's show and how it demonstrates the editing for the show.

Allsion didn't change her mind 'at the last minute' to vote out Alex and Amanda - that was decided several days in advance. However - Allison and Ryan kept it from Joshua and Sharon until late in the week and then refused to switch their votes which ticked off Joshua.

According to Natalie Joshua made physical threats against her and that is why she was so upset after the HoH competition. The kinda glossed over that.

The 'lesbian lie' was never a huge reason for Joshua to be mad at Allison - seems to me that BB has pushed that angle for the sake of the storyline.

Shelia was the one that came up with the lesbian lie yet Joshua is fine with her? Allison was the one that wanted to reveal the lie - Shelia wanted to keep it going - yet Joshua holds the grudge against Allsion? That is a combo of selective editing by BB and selective memory by Joshua.

Matt and Natalie - the "cuddling" scene that was shown was from February 15th in the early morning and they didn't just cuddle - Natalie gave Matt a blow job - then told her not to get attached to him.

The portrait that Natalie painted of Joshua - it was implied on the show that this took place after Joshua was HoH. Natalie talked about how she doing things like that would be the smart thing to do with the HoH. But, it actually took place the Monday before Joshua and Sharon won HoH and had nothing to do with Natalie kissing up to the HoH.

This is exactly why I love this show. Because I know ALL reality shows are edited this way and this is the one show that exposes how what happens and what makes TV is often quite a bit different.

See what goes on BEFORE the editing.
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Ashley said...

watching the feeds and watching the shows is actually quite funny. we were waiting early on for the blowjob to be shown, and it took way too long for it to be shown. since then, matt has kissed sharon, and probably wants a beej from her! oh, and he dislikes natalie, and tells her to just stop talking!

Lil said...

I agree Mike, which is a reason I didn't read posts today to catch up on what I missed. Just wanted to be joe viewer watching tv.

Know what I noticed most? THEY SHOW SHIT! They show so much of what happened the previous show, that there's barely time to show anything else.

When you think about it, they spend almost 10 minutes recapping the previous show. Add in the commercials, how much show really gets show? 30 minutes or so? Of that 30 minutes, they will spend 10 of the next show recapping that. UGH.

I was bored watching. When I've heard about the rather poor ratings, I've wondered why. It's so interesting, there's so much drama and fun stuff to see! But that's the feeds, not the show.

Tony said...

of all the season, this could be the worst edit. last year they made a story with ED and danni, but this year there are so many things they could do that could interest America. they brought the couple factor this year to spice things up, but when it gets racy or picks up they gloss right over the fact. to me this show is more different then the feeds are show compared to the past few seasons

bbfanto said...

I thought last Wednesday's show was the worst. People watching the TV had no idea just how important it was for Josh/Sharon to win or be voted off. They missed that drama by not spending the time to show the shifting of the vote from earlier in the week to later and why J/S were so upset giving their vote. Now tonight they spent 2 minutes updating that info. I agree with showing most of the following Josh?allison fighting and such but cut the crap of Nat drawing the picture it has no reference point, they should have expanded on the 2 minute explaination.
The TV viewers never get the full picture, you need the feeds or spoiler sites to really keep you informed. The editing trys to get too cute making you follow the pea under the nutshell only to lead you amiss for shock value.

Scott said...

Lil's right, and they also end the show a full 7 - 8 minutes before the top of the hour.

Scott said...

Don't forget, the striptease/pool orgy hasn't even been mentioned, yet it was a big part of the Allison/Sheila fight that has to be shown Tuesday.