Saturday, March 22, 2008

Natalie's Afternoon of Nonsense

For most of the last couple of hours, the focus has again been on Natalie. This is especially true right now, as the majority of the house is in the HOH watching the movie they won during the luxury competition.

First, she dominated the conversation while hanging out with Sharon, telling the poor woman that Matt and her were getting close; they care about each other. She said that their fighting was all an act. She said they came up with it so people wouldn't suspect they were a close couple. She also denied that she did anything sexual with Matty. It was all kissing and hugging. Well, technically, the act she performed at least four times was a form of kissing.

As for Chelsia’s accusations concerning her abortions and other sinful activities, Nat claims that “once you ask for forgiveness for your sins they are washed away as if they never existed as long as you don't do it again. I don't care what Chelsia says - that was years ago. There aren't many strippers out there who can say they danced and never went back.”

While stripping, she says she made $800 - $1000 per day, but "how much is this worth your soul?" She wanted to quit but the devil then conspired against her and her engine blew up and it cost $2000 to fix. This problem was a test to see if she'd go back to stripping since that would've been an easy fix but she didn't do it.

But the next Monday they had told her now it's $6000, so she lost the car and then she got kicked out of her apartment because her boyfriend had too many cats. And her credit score dropped. Blah blah blah, but “the devil wanted to test her”.

She also said that James told her to stop reading the Bible because one has to be devious to win the game. But, of course, she doesn't have to lie, cheat for this game. "Yeah, I've done it a couple of times, but I've asked for forgiveness for that." So, the moral of this lengthy story is that as long as you’re a “good” person, you can do whatever it takes to win…but those she has judged as not good cannot do the same.

Once Sharon finally escaped, it was Adam’s turn to hear the same game babble he’s had to endure ever since he won HOH. “We have to win, we have to win. God please give me your powers this week. I need them more than ever…I'm so due. I've come so close…just work for me, God. Give me the power like you've done in the POV with the clouds and angel. Big Brother, give me a game I will know and I'll school everybody.”

It’s still all about numbers to her, and she motor-mouths her “knowledge” of the house. “What if it's this - houseguests have you taken notice of the books on the wall? First question: name one of the fairy tale books. One of the bird books. What years are the world history books?"

She claims to know every book up there, and thinks the bookcases have to mean something. And it goes on and on and on. Counting the books in the wallpaper, somehow linking the number of guinea pigs to everything else, including the number of curtains. After a few minutes, the two feeds showing the fireplace actually became a better option. :)

But it probably will only get worse after the movie ends, as Sheila will then have to describe to her every single scene of the movie.


Anonymous said...

Why you don't shutup and get a real hobby instead of following someone you don't even know except listening to from a internet feed. People like you who run this site are no better than Nat. It would kill you to say anything nice about her.

nastaliesucks...literally said...

Hmmm...perhaps you should take your own advice.

Obviously you are following it, too.

wendy said...

i love that she clings to the belief that god forgives and washes away the sin as long as you don't do it, how many abortions has she had?

and if it was such a religious "test" to stop stripping and lead a moral life, then how, exactly, can she justify all the stripping and sex acts she's done in the house.

i personally think there's nothing wrong with stripping, having sex, or even having an abortion in the right circumstances, but i cannot STAND the hypocrisy.

Scott said...

Here's a better idea - if you don't like our opinions go read other sites? Nobody's forcing you to read this.

Scott said...

Or better yet, tell me why I should give her more credit.

Anonymous said...

since matt loves nat so much, i wish adam would do matt the biggest favor, evict nat so she can be with her soulmate. uhgg!!

IndyMike said...


Mr/Mrs Anonymous,

Sorry you feel this site is anti Nataie - I must admit I think most of us that post here don't think she has much of a 'game' - however just so you know most of us also don't take this too seriously - they all signed up for it - they knew what they were getting in to.

Too bat Natalie thinks the feeds are off between 2 & 5am - but from what I have seen of her she will be fine when she leaves. Matter of fact I think they all will be fine when they walk out of the house.

I guarantee you - everyone that posts here is far from 'obsessed' with Big Brother - now Scott's interest in Chelsia might be a bit over the top but she will b gone soon and he will have to go cold turkey.

Anyways - my guess is you are a friend of hers - this site is TAME compared to most.

Lil said...

I want to know why people keep thinking Scott runs this site when we all know Barb does.

Anonymous said...


ya why don't you take your own advice, Nat sux and that's that, if you don't like this site, don't follow it, as there are many more people who enjoy what is said on here. I hope Nat gets voted out soon, real soon, she is exactly what Chelsia said about her, lol, Chels hit the nail right on the head. Nat has prob pissed off several people outside of the Big Brother house, I feel bad for her when she leaves, she thinks she's going to be some sort of celebrity but i think that more americans hate her than like her, and James and ChElSiA are pretty close to americas faves in the house. America may be weird for feeling this way but hey sometimes the truth really hurts.

Lil said...

Also, if the feeds ever went to others, maybe there wouldn't be so much negative chatter about Nat and Sheila.

sp said...

I'm no fan of Nat but I like the fact that she didnt stoop to Chelsia's level last night.Chelsia needs to look in the mirror and get a clue if she thinks Nat is the only white trash in the house.However stupid, annoying,repetititive and clueless you think Nat is she was smart enough not to attack the people she needed votes from while she was on the block.

I kinda agree that the Sheila /Nat bashing a is a bit over the top sometimes on here but I like the site and I think all you guys do a good job.People have their own opinions.

God Doesnt Care About Big Brother said...

every single person in this years house is trashyyyy, minus MAYBE ryan.

i hate people who cling to religion to explain everything in the world, & to justify all their wrong doings. you cant erase things of your past, its ALWAYS there. & when people act like God is a magician & magically wipes that from your brain are idiots & are only using religion for a way out of their problems.

natalie is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand anyone in this years house. they are all very over the top and it seem like someone gave them a theme to follow, and just go with it, but i still cant stop watching. these are the worst hgs ever, and there are a lot of reasons not to like them (name your own)

Ryan said...

I am a big fan of Nat, I learn so much from her. Like today for example. I learned that 2 goes into 4, 2 times, 4 times 2 is 8, and next week is the 8th week, and Evel Dick has 8 letters.

Half of 8 is 4, and 4 is the number of times Nat blew Matty.

8 is important.

IndyMike said...

I will say this much ss the person that 'created' this site - my intention was to make a site whete people could express their opinions - nd yeah it would eb a bit edgy - for what it is worth I have deleted ONE comments so far - ONE!

The odds are pretty good if you have an opinion it will be left up.

To revisit the topic once more - let me just say that I think most of us dislike each HG for some reason or another - matter of fact I will make a post of my likes and dislikes of each one - with Natalie the 'dislikes' are actually more annoyances - she comes across to some in the house as a bit of an 'authority' on Big Brother and it is very apparent she isn't at all.

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