Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shelia is worried that Natalie will vote to evict Sharon.

Shelia is very concerned that Natalie will force a tie by voting to evict Sharon. Matt says it won't happen. Shelia feels that Natalie is bound and determined to get Sharon out.

Shelia is telling Ryan that he HAS to vote James out if it is a tie. Ryan is not committing, he just isn't saying anything either way - but he did give his word in front of most of the house that if it was a tie he would save James.

The house is on lockdown for the night. I am expecting an endurance competition tomorrow now (one can hope right?).

Expect Matt to put some serious pressure on Natalie tonight and tomorrow.

Currently James is working Natalie really hard - and Natalie seems to want to keep James but she is the most fickle player in the house - I think she truly believes whatever she is saying at the time - much like in previous years - she seems to be the player that you need to make sure you talk to RIGHT before the vote goes down.

After James leaves Shelia alone in the sauna she proceeds to pray - she wants a sign to know what to do.

Perhaps she really is torn and may vote to evict Sharon, but I would not count on it.

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Sydney said...

Many thanks for this -- can count on you to give the best updates of what's going down.

IndyMike said...

By 'you' I hope you mean all of us! Everyone on the site does a great job of catching different angles.